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Alex Gorbanescu
Alex Gorbanescu


Human-centered design thinker. Crafting with both aesthetics and function.

  1. Lime - Visual Identity identity logo fresh drinks food green lime restaurant
  2. Aramis - Landing Page blue green software blockchain tech landing page landing website webdesign
  3. Aramis - Iconography software blockchain tech green blue iconset icons
  4. Aramis - Visual Identity blockchain branding green blue tech software identity logo a
  5. Peppermint - Visual Identity (Approved) brunch mint green branding identity logo restaurant peppermint
  6. Peppermint - Visual Identity (Unused) healthy restaurant green mint peppermint branding identity design logo
  7. S I N O P P I A - Visual Identity studio s layers logo identity branding arch-viz archviz 3d
  8. VoltLog - Visual Identity green voltage identity logo electronics volt vlog
  9. Not another fitness app design activity running blue mobile application design app fitness
  10. Siela - Rejected Logo Proposal connection link sky blue eye identity logo
  11. Wuteku - Hero Web Design white clean phone gadgets web design
  12. AudioVision Store - eCommerce Website redesign redesign website audio shop ecommerce
  13. Bittnet Website Redesign it students webdesign red courses
  14. Easton London - Website Design app beard hair blue barber barbershop web website
  15. Easton London - Branding Project london yellow blue logo classy barber
  16. Y Logo Element y mark abstract colors vivid logo
  17. IMDb - Redesign Concept ui imdb web design redesign movies
  18. Frapierra.ro - Web Design ux organiser events drinks web design
  19. LegalKite.ch Landing Page Design landing lawyer cloud website kite legal
  20. LegalKite Logo Design cloud law orange green kite legal
  21. Football League Web Design league football orange blue website web design soccer
  22. Intervas Web Redesign Proposal blue earth phones mobile provider services
  23. New Personal Identity branding letter monogram identity logo
  24. Maritime Repair Logo orange monogram repair ship maritime logo
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